The touchscreen makes using PhotoSpot easy. The machine is portable and fits just about anywhere. Check availability and confirm PhotoSpot today.

Round light creates great highlights

12 megapixel camera for huge reprints

Camera and monitor move up and down

A 4x6 print is ready in just 30 seconds

See the pictures
as they happen

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The sidebar is for information about your event

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We can use your logo

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Great Friends

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Halloween fun

Slide 13

Pics with Dad

Slide 14

Pics with you Love

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Thank you Pictures

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Sepia Toned

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Black and White

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Slide 19

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Birthday Parties

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Family Pictures

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Slide 23

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Fun props

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Slide 26

Slide 28

Nine people in one Picture

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Slide 30

Slide 31

Fifteen People, try that in a booth

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Slide 33

Slide 34

Slide 35

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24 People! That's a Party.