PhotoSpot is amazing! It was a great addition to our wedding reception. It is a modern version of a photo-booth - - but it easy to set up, doesn't take up a lot of space, and you can have more people in each photo. A copy of each photo (multiples if desired) were printed for each guest right away, and an additional copy was printed and glued into our "guest book" and the people in each photo were able to write a personal message to us. I knew our guests loved PhotoSpot after I saw the final book Wes compiled for us - - we now have great pics with everything from a pair of Harry Potter glasses to an inflatable brain in a beautiful black album (it is a great compliment to our more formal wedding photographs). Wes is very professional and easy to work with - - you wont be disappointed!

Sara M.

PhotoSpot was a star at our wedding last year. We were all captivated with the ease of use and the instant results. Our guests lined up all night long to get their pictures taken. Unlike other outfits that we got offers from, PhotoSpot can accommodate large groups in every photo. Wes made a custom back drop that fit a staging area that could hold 12 people! The prints came out within minutes. After the event we accessed the PhotoSpot website and viewed the entire collection of pictures, and there were hundreds of them. It was especially nice to send their web address to all our invites so people could view and order pictures for themselves. I give PhotoSpot 5 stars!

Chad W.

I work for a very exclusive, high end private club, and this is the ONLY photobooth that I recommend to all of my brides and grooms. In fact, we now have Wes on retainer for all of our club events (Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Holiday Candlelight dinner). His booth can accommodate more than just a few people, the pictures come out in a 4x6 size, can produce many copies instantly, and he can customize a logo for keepsaking. Photospot bring class where as many other photobooths can be large, cumbersome, ugly, and old fashioned AND cheesy.

Kristin J.   Events and Catering Manager,  Saddle and Cycle Club

I used PhotoSpot for my wedding, and they were really incredible to work with. I had a very specific theme in mind, but no idea how to execute it. Wes came up with some great ideas, and created a better backdrop and props than I even thought possible. He also went above and beyond during the wedding, giving us more time than we agreed, just so he could make sure every last guest had their chance in the booth. I also can't say enough great things about the PhotoSpot concept. The "open air" photo booth meant that it could accommodate more people. But more than that, it allowed others to see the shots that were being taken, providing both inspiration and entertainment for the whole room.

Rebecca P.

Photospot was great for our wedding! It was really fun, easy to use, great quality and we could get a ton of people in our photos! I was a little worried as our reception site had one wall of floor to ceiling windows, so I wasn't sure how the lighting/reflection would effect our pictures...they ended up great as Wes was there to continually adjust the settings as needed. Also, set up was taken care of and had no problems - it was a breeze. You can also get two strips so your guests can take one home with them and then place one in a photo book and write messages to the bride and groom. It was really fun to sit down and read everything after the wedding! Just a great option of our wedding and got some AWESOME pictures out of it! Highly recommend!

Colleen M.

This is a great service. The implementation is professional, friendly, on time, and affordable. I have used photo spot for both business events and a family wedding, and love the quality of the photographs and the dimension that they add to an event. highly recommend!

Anne M.

Fun for the whole family at our wedding reception! Pros: easy to use, professional quality photo strips. We requested double prints and a photo album, so guests got a fun photo strip to take home, and we had a sweet and hilarious album that was complete as soon as the party ended -instant gratification :) Potential cons: it's so easy to use, the kids went a little crazy. My husband also complained later that I didn't spend enough time with him at our reception. I guess taking silly family photos is a little addictive...

Jenaver G.

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